Below is a gallery of some of our completed artwork, photography and jewelry that is inspired by nature, the ocean and the unique coastal area that we live in.  We will be updating with more work shortly. Hope you enjoy our work!

Jewelry, Ear Gauges and Key Chains

We make resin jewelry from unique molds, wire bent designs, recycled glass styles and real sea glass earrings and necklaces. Our new line of ear plugs and gauges offers an alternative to traditional designs.

Home Goods and Kitchenware

Our Handmade Home Goods include items like cutting boards, serving trays, spoon rests, decorative dishes, trinket trays and wall hangings.

Furniture, Mirrors, Windows & Large Resin Art

Wide variety of furniture and home decor decorated with resin and mixed media.

Handmade items are available for purchase and we also sell wholesale to retail vendors. If you are a vendor that is interested in any of our items or you would like to commission a piece please send us an email with the details of your project. Copyright Fyre Art Studio 2021. All Rights Reserved. Do not copy.